The Diaspora and the history of the Irish abroad.

51HYK1XRM9L.jpg Thomas Francis Meagher and the Irish Brigade in the Civil War EUR 41.67

by Daniel M. Callaghan

51Bk4VGYwL.jpg Born Fighting EUR 10.08

How the Scots-Irish Shaped America
by James H. Webb

51LAZhKwwXL.jpg God Help the Irish! EUR 16.50

The History of the Irish Brigade
by Phillip Thomas Tucker

51xjuLhUhxL.jpg To Hell or Barbados EUR 10.99

The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland
by Sean O'Callaghan

41GT3GPRPFL.jpg Irish America and the Ulster Conflict, 1968-1995 EUR 39.99

by Andrew J. Wilson

51JE8R1K9EL.jpg Saint Patrick's Battalion EUR 26.99

by James Alexander Thom

51H7VKNMoJL.jpg Irish Confederates EUR 16.50

The Civil War's Forgotten Soldiers
by Phillip Thomas Tucker

51ZXS3TXZPL.jpg Wherever Green is Worn EUR 13.99

The Story of the Irish Diaspora
by Tim Pat Coogan

41QMT06E1RL.jpg An Unconsidered People EUR 11.49

The Irish in Sixties London
by Catherine Dunne

51LX1NqUfFL.jpg The Harp and the Eagle EUR 19.15

Irish Volunteers and the Union Army, 1861-1865
by Susanna Ural Bruce

416NGK6FRKL.jpg An Irish Navvy EUR 11.49

The Diary of an Exile
by Donall MacAmhlaigh, Valentin Iremonger

5196T5ERHXL.jpg Far from the Shamrock Shore EUR 13.99

The Story of Irish-American Immigration Through Song
by Mick Moloney

41E4PgBhXLL.jpg Michael Davitt EUR 17.95

From the "Gaelic American"
by John Devoy, et al.

51DZQM88JML.jpg Making Sense of the Molly Maguires EUR 18.99

by Kevin Kenny

41FX3BSWW9L.jpg Wherever Green is Worn EUR 13.75

The Story of the Irish Diaspora
by Tim Pat Coogan

51pSlDojl9L.jpg The Boston Irish EUR 9.99

A Political History
by Thomas H. O'Connor