The struggle for freedom and justice in other parts of the world.

41FG6R9JJGL.jpg The Motorcycle Diaries EUR 8.26

by Ernesto "Che" Guevara

51LcPJMEOqL.jpg Short Circuit EUR 8.99

Strengthening Local Economies for Security in an Unstable World
by Richard Douthwaite

512JQYV4R0L.jpg A Long Walk to Freedom EUR 13.09

The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela
by Nelson Mandela

51VPFMXG8BL.jpg Guantanamo EUR 9.99

America's War on Human Rights
by David Rose

5152tAFRLmL.jpg Guerrilla Warfare EUR 9.99

by Ernesto Guevara

51PFN1BQA2L.jpg Media Control EUR 9.49

The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda
by Noam Chomsky

410VQT0QWCL.jpg The Last Days of the Raj EUR 16.99

by Trevor Royle

412N9HDW9XL.jpg Che Guevara EUR 15.89

A Revolutionary Life
by Jon Lee Anderson

51Xt1BHutEL.jpg Dirty War, Clean Hands EUR 14.99

ETA, the GAL and Spanish Democracy
by P Woodworth

51TMkrg7H7L.jpg The Bolivian Diary EUR 14.95

Authorised Edition
by Ernesto Guevara