Gaelic and Celtic

Aspects of Ireland's native culture, including language, music and dance.

012WYY1F8QL.jpg The Complete Guide to Irish Dance EUR 10.99

by Frank Whelan

41G61P5RAVL.jpg Island Cross-talk EUR 8.79

Pages from a Diary
by Tom.s O'Crohan, Tim Enright (Translator)

41PFHC8Q8KL.jpg The Celts EUR 9.59

An Illustrated History
by Helen Litton

51E1FHF15VL.jpg A Pocket History of Gaelic Culture EUR 8.99

by Alan Titley

31jLaJn6JHL.jpg The Celts EUR 12.57

by N.Kershaw Chadwick, Barry Cunliffe

41Y21AB1G3L.jpg The Tain EUR 10.99

From the Irish Epic "Tain Bo Cuailnge"
by Louis Le Brocquy (Illustrator), Thomas Kinsella (Translator)

61MVYMBEPSL.jpg The Celts EUR 9.56

First Masters of Europe
by Christiane Eluere

51phQImquwL.jpg Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages EUR 14.99

by Kenneth Nicholls

51SRKCN82SL.jpg Favourite Poems We Learned in School as Gaeilge EUR 12.99

by Thomas F. Walsh (Ed.)

51QPGE66A4L.jpg Irish for Beginners EUR 11.49

by Angela Wilkes, John Shackell

51NC88M2MWL.jpg The Celts EUR 15.21

A History
by Daithi O Hogain

513XK1F6D8L.jpg Dictionary of Celtic Myth and Legend EUR 10.99

by Miranda J. Green

514RD8NX5PL.jpg Beginner's Irish Dictionary EUR 14.99

by Helen Davies

4115CVHSG3L.jpg Celtic Myths and Legends EUR 9.49

by Eoin Neeson

411Z58FH9QL.jpg A Celtic Alphabet EUR 9.59

by Andrew Whitson