The Irish Republican Army from the old IRA to the present day.

519S1PKYG3L.jpg A Pocket History of the IRA EUR 7.99

From 1916 Onwards
by Brendan O'Brien

51XMFTE0BJL.jpg A Secret History of the IRA EUR 10.99

by Ed Moloney

51KRSQZVV5L.jpg Dan Breen and the IRA EUR 11.49

by Joe Ambrose

51AJPZ9YBKL.jpg The IRA EUR 49.99

by Brian Hanley

519PZTFT21L.jpg The Provos EUR 10.99

The IRA and Sinn Fein
by Peter Taylor

5118G2WJ9XL.jpg My Fight for Irish Freedom EUR 17.50

by Dan Breen

51KNFBBTNNL.jpg The I.R.A. EUR 13.09

by Tim Pat Coogan

41Q2GP91KCL.jpg Confessions of an Irish Rebel EUR 10.99

by Brendan Behan

Voices from the Grave EUR 14.79

by Ed Moloney