Peace Process

The recent political negotiations and their participants.

417T8F14M7L.jpg John Hume EUR 7.99

A Biography
by Paul Routledge

41R22XER3KL.jpg Himself Alone EUR 18.25

David Trimble and the Ordeal Of Unionism
by Dean Godson

41WJSRZ90YL.jpg David Trimble EUR 14.95

The Price of Peace
by Frank Millar

51GTDFJCV0L.jpg Martin McGuinness EUR 9.99

From Guns to Government
by Liam Clarke, Kathryn Johnston

513Q5ZPBZ3L.jpg Ireland EUR 15.99

The Propaganda War - The British Media and the Battle for Hearts and Minds
by Liz Curtis

51REA6KQPZL.jpg Political Censorship and the Democratic State EUR 30.00

The Irish Broadcasting Ban
by Mary P. Corcoran (Ed.), Mark O'Brien (Ed.)

51NTTpyX7dL.jpg Great Hatred, Little Room EUR 16.99

Making Peace in Northern Ireland
by Jonathan Powell

51XNDXHHZVL.jpg Making Peace EUR 9.99

The Inside Story of the Making of the Good Friday Agreement
by George Mitchell

41N0BTNDBGL.jpg People Behind the Peace EUR 12.99

Community and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland
by Ronald Wells

41HbrgpSZIL.jpg Paisley EUR 17.99

From Demagogue to Democrat?
by Ed Moloney