1798 Rebellion

The United Irishmen, Wolfe Tone, Robert Emmett and the period of rebellion from the 18th Century to the Famine.

51PS6JPKQML.jpg Robert Emmet EUR 19.99

A Life
by Patrick M. Geoghegan

41Zzzu7LI6L.jpg Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone EUR 21.99

by Theobald Wolfe Tone

41MW1QZCW5L.jpg The Irish Hedge School and Its Books, 1695-1831 EUR 19.95

by Antonia McManus

710QZNTP0PL.jpg Eyewitness to 1798 EUR 9.99

by Terence Folley (Ed.)

41ZHBcnVSiL.jpg James Fintan Lalor EUR 17.99

Patriot and Political Essayist, 1807-1849
by L. Fogarty

31V45MGM40L.jpg Remember Emmet EUR 15.00

Images of the Life and Legacy of Robert Emmet
by Ruan O'Donnell

21GxBobklhL.jpg The Year of the French EUR 10.99

by Thomas Flanagan

512HHMQQV8L.jpg Rebellion! EUR 9.99

Ireland in 1798
by Daniel Gahan

51XBJERD2XL.jpg The People's Rising EUR 17.99

Wexford, 1798
by Daniel Gahan

51HKHZVS3EL.jpg The United Irishmen EUR 39.00

Popular Politics in Ulster and Dublin, 1791-1798
by Nancy J. Curtin

514BXH793EL.jpg Citizen Lord EUR 4.99

Edward Fitzgerald, 1763-98
by S.K. Tillyard