Ancient Ireland

From before Christianity to Cromwell and his aftermath.

5186TSV8AZL.jpg How the Irish Saved Civilisation EUR 6.99

The Untold Story of Ireland's Heroic Role from the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Medieval Europe
by Thomas Cahill

418NFMN8YFL.jpg Cromwell EUR 29.99

An Honourable Enemy
by Tom Reilly

51KPKSNA3ZL.jpg Hell or Connaught EUR 12.99

Cromwellian Colonisation of Ireland, 1652-60
by Peter Berresford Ellis

51SMC3RNJDL.jpg The Siege of Derry EUR 12.99

by Carlo Gebler

51wdZVaY8UL.jpg The Flight of the Earls EUR 10.99

A Popular History
by Liam Swords

513A47DJEGL.jpg The Vikings EUR 13.98

an Illustrated History
by Alan McGovern

41CYJJRRY3L.jpg The Lordship of Ireland in the Middle Ages EUR 23.70

by James Lydon

41NJSJ8G4TL.jpg Irish Kings and High Kings EUR 24.95

by Francis John Byrne

511SKF8CRCL.jpg Pre-Christian Ireland EUR 15.65

From the First Settlers to the Early Celts
by Peter Harbison

51PTJ09FTL.jpg Brian Boru EUR 16.59

Ireland's Greatest King?
by Maire Ni Mhaonaigh