Armed Struggle

The most recent period of conflict in the North of Ireland.

51B4YRPY69L.jpg Soldier of the Queen EUR 12.99

by Bernard O'Mahoney, Mick McGovern

51AT3M4W15L.jpg Unfinished Business EUR 11.99

State Killings and the Quest for Truth
by Bill Rolston (Ed.)

412SMK2S8CL.jpg State Violence EUR 10.59

Northern Ireland 1969-1997
by Ray Murray

51M0MGF974L.jpg Killing Finucane EUR 14.99

The Inside Story of Britain's Intelligence War
by Justin O'Brien

4199E4F5F7L.jpg The Dublin Bombings and the Murder Triangle EUR 19.99

by Joe Tiernan

416SYY8BREL.jpg A Very British Jihad EUR 59.99

Collusion, Conspiracy and Cover-up in Northern Ireland
by Paul Larkin

41H6GJQX4ML.jpg War and Peace in Northern Ireland EUR 15.59

by Eamonn McCann

51VNKCXZXGL.jpg Mad Dog EUR 11.99

The Rise and Fall of Johnny Adair and 'C' Company
by David Lister, Hugh Jordan

41299QB3MEL.jpg The Billy Boy EUR 14.55

The Life and Death of LVF Leader Billy Wright
by Tim Pat Coogan (Foreword), Chris Anderson

51CTEQN7GWL.jpg Loyalists EUR 46.99

by Peter Taylor

215TWSJ2G0L.jpg UVF EUR 15.99

by Henry McDonald

51FN64Z36XL.jpg Inside the UDA EUR 24.99

Volunteers and Violence
by Colin Crawford, Marie Smyth (Intro.)

51Rj1GYhbkL.jpg The UDA EUR 19.99

Inside the Heart of Loyalist Terror
by Henry McDonald, Jim Cusack

4155G6BW2SL.jpg The Irish War EUR 10.99

by Tony Geraghty

51ZC5T2J8QL.jpg The Dublin-Monaghan Bombings EUR 12.99

by Don Mullan

416PNW9YR3L.jpg Brits EUR 10.99

The War Against the IRA
by Peter Taylor

51SGJZ1JAKL.jpg The Shankill Butchers EUR 9.99

A Case Study of Mass Murder
by Martin Dillon

41sGSpLUleL.jpg UVF EUR 15.99

The Endgame
by Henry McDonald

51ASK5YH3YL.jpg Making Sense of the Troubles EUR 11.69

by David McKittrick, David McVea

41DS27743TL.jpg Stakeknife EUR 10.99

Britain's Secret Agents in Ireland
by Martin Ingram, Greg Harkin

Voices from the Grave EUR 14.79

by Ed Moloney