Remember Emmet

Images of the Life and Legacy of Robert Emmet
by Ruan O'Donnell
EUR15.00 ($17.81)
The National Library of Ireland releases this book on the bicentenary celebration of the short-lived rebellion, led by the flamboyant and enigmatic Irish revolutionary Robert Emmet and his subsequent trial and execution. A product of his times, he grew up against a backdrop of Irish radicalism and international revolution. Emmet's progression into radical politics was not inevitable, but, nonetheless, a natural explicable and consistent step for someone of his background. His martyrdom elevated him to iconic status for those who accepted his famous challenge to vindicate his revolutionary ideals. This book is intended as a portrait of Robert Emmet, from his early years to his execution and enduring legacy, including the time as a student activist in 1798, his graduation as a full-blown revolutionary leader in 1803, and the famous trial. The book is illustrated with over 250 documents and images, many of which have never been published before and which have been culled mainly from the National Library, the National Gallery, the National Archives, Kilmainham Gaol and the National Museum, as well as other sources in Ireland. The book's author is Ireland's leading authority on Robert Emmet and has written a definitive two-volume biography of him. Retail 59.95 USD.
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