Himself Alone

David Trimble and the Ordeal Of Unionism
by Dean Godson
EUR18.25 ($21.66)
A stunning biography of the Nobel Peace Prize- winning politician. David Trimble, leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, is one of the unlikeliest and most complicated political leaders of our times. Long reviled by nationalist Ireland and much of mainland opinion as an awkward and flinty loyalist extremist, both his admirers and detractors agree that the Belfast Agreement could not have been made without him. This taciturn ex-Queen's University law lecturer and lover of opera has become the first Unionist leader to enjoy international recognition, being praised by the Nobel Peace Prize committee for his 'great political courage' and regularly visiting the White House. But in the process, he has been excoriated as a traitor by many of his one-time supporters. In this stunning new biography, Dean Godson has been given unique access to the politician and his papers. In addition to conducting over one hundred hours of interviews with Trimble and his wife, Godson has spoken to over three hundred friends, foes and colleagues of the Unionist leader -- including Tony Blair, Bertie Ahern, Mo Mowlam, Peter Mandelson, John Hume, John Major and John Bruton. He has also enjoyed privileged access
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