General History

Guides, introductions and miscellaneous texts of Ireland's past.

51fW0bp03BL.jpg Teach Yourself the History of Ireland EUR 10.99

by Finbar Madden

514SBY0MGGL.jpg A Short History of Ulster EUR 10.99

by Sean McMahon

41A3RWGRSEL.jpg A Short History of Ireland EUR 22.09

by John O'Beirne Ranelagh

31ih8YCeo-L.jpg The Oxford Companion to Irish History EUR 15.19

by S. J. Connolly (Ed.)

41QTmzOgdL.jpg O'Brien Pocket History of Irish Rebels EUR 8.79

by Morgan Llywelyn

51JGSKHD8PL.jpg Milestones in Irish History EUR 11.19

by Liam De Paor (Ed.)

5192NCPANQL.jpg Historic Ireland EUR 18.24

People and Places
by Daithi O Hogain

51ZXW27DESL.jpg An Illustrated Dictionary of Irish History EUR 89.99

by Seamas MacAnnaidh (Ed.)

21PC1CN7TAL.jpg The Making of Ireland EUR 26.99

From Ancient Times to the Present
by James Lydon

41M8VFNT33L.jpg Irish Rebellions 1798-1916 EUR 10.99

An Illustrated History
by Helen Litton

41NJR4MWZCL.jpg Ireland, 1912-1985 EUR 37.40

Politics and Society
by Joseph J. Lee

517QG5TR1EL.jpg Irish Voices EUR 8.99

An Informal History 1916-1966
by Peter Somerville-Large

51CRBSXSXWL.jpg A Short History of Ireland EUR 12.99

by Sean McMahon (Ed.)

51BFXBK0N8L.jpg A History of Ireland EUR 21.14

by Michael Cronin

51PMQ9EF3DL.jpg Atlas of Irish History EUR 14.99

by Sean Duffy, et al.

21nelIjyPML.jpg A Compact History of Ireland EUR 4.99

by Sarah Healy

515Z1QGWM0L.jpg The Green Flag EUR 13.09

A History of Irish Nationalism
by Robert Kee

51HS0VUIPmL.jpg Irish History for Dummies EUR 11.99

by Mike Cronin

51CMW02S7RL.jpg The Course of Irish History EUR 15.99

by T.W. Moody, F.X. Martin