Michael Collins [1996]

featuring Ian Hart
EUR7.97 (6.93)
Starting with Ireland's bloody Easter Rebellion of 1916 and ending with his untimely death, this brilliantly photographed epic from director Neil Jordan tells the charged story of Michael "Mickey" Collins. An IRA founder whose innovative guerrilla tactics succeeded in bringing freedom from British rule, Collins remains a controversial but much respected political figure, who is skillfully embodied in the film by Liam Neeson. Aidan Quinn plays his longtime friend Harry, and Julia Roberts, sporting a nice brogue and lovely period costumes, is Katie, the woman they both love.
Jordan staged most of the battles, riots, ceremonies, and speeches at their actual locations in Ireland with a cast of thousands and a great eye for period detail. The result is a film that is both historically evocative and stunningly beautiful thanks to the breathtaking cinematography of Chris Menges. The film is also surprisingly nonjudgmental in its depiction of Collins's appalling but inarguably successful methods of "bloody mayhem." Stephen Rea and Alan Rickman costar, with Elliot Goldenthal contributing a rich Oscar-nominated score.
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