The Encyclopaedia of Ireland

by Brian Lalor (Ed.)
EUR47.50 ($53.20)
With more than 5,000 original articles written by over 900 different contributors and in excess of 700 illustrations, mainly in colour, "The Encyclopaedia of Ireland" is unique. Unique in scope, in the distinction of its design and in its total commitment to quality - there is no book about Ireland remotely like it. It is the most ambitious reference work ever published about Ireland. Meticulously detailed, it is a treasure store of information, education, entertainment and enlightenment. Its range is astounding as it covers the entire spectrum of Irish achievement in all fields of human endeavour throughout recorded history. The conventional subjects are all here: literature and language, history, geography, economics, sociology, the arts and music.But other subjects, often neglected in Irish reference books, are also given their due place, such as science, engineering, astronomy, and sport. The publication of "The Encyclopaedia of Ireland" is a truly significant event. It represents the culmination of many years' collaboration between an entire community of talented writers led by a uniquely qualified team of editors. 'A blast from beginning to end. The most exhilarating book imaginable' - Stephen Rea (17th September).
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