An Irish Journal

The Views and Insights of the Leader of Irish Republicanism
by Gerry Adams
EUR12.99 ($14.55)
The views and insights of the leader of Irish Republicanism in a wide-ranging collection of articles. A unique insight into recent Irish politics, this new book covers the crucial period between mid-1997 and the end of 2000. Consisting of selected articles from his regular column in the New York newspaper, The Irish Voice, these writings provide not only a revealing chronicle of the peace process but also an insight into his private life, and some surprisingly light and humorous moments. His reports on the struggle for peace possess a remarkable immediacy, written as they were in the midst of momentous events. From the long Unionist refusal to talk to Republicans, through the tortuous negotiations of the Good Friday agreement, to the suspension of the Executive and other crises, Gerry Adams gives an absorbing first-hand account.
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