An Irish Eye

by Gerry Adams
EUR13.99 ($15.67)
Collecting three years of editorials, eulogies, speeches, and even some verse (in Irish) written since 2004, his latest selection presents Adams' commentary on a continuing peace process that has seen major milestones (IRA disarmament) even as it has moved at a sclerotic pace. Most of this book's pieces are occasioned by news items, political developments, or particularly poignant anniversaries, and as such they provide readers with a broad-spectrum view of Adams doing what he does best: arguing passionately for republicanism while reminding his audience that the Troubles are one of many social-justice challenges facing Ireland and the rest of the world. Although many pieces reveal the author's ample wit, more than a few also capture Adams in a pensive posture. He is perhaps most elopquent when writing in remembrance of the dead.
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