Bloody Sunday

Scenes from the Saville Inquiry
by Richard Norton-Taylor
EUR11.99 ($13.43)
Sunday 30th January 1972: 13 civil rights marchers were shot dead, and another 13 wounded when British soldiers opened fire during an anti-internment civil rights march in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. The 1972 inquiry by Lord Chief Justice, Lord Widgery - branded the Widgery Whitewash by many - suggested that the soldiers had been fired on first, and that there was a strong suspicion that some of the victims had fired weapons. After a sustained campaign by the families of the victims, and in the light of new material collected by the Irish government, a second inquiry was set up in 1998 as part of the Northern Ireland Peace process. Since March 2000 the Saville Inquiry has heard evidence from over one thousand witnesses, including civilians, military, paramilitary, media, experts and forensic scientists, politicians and civil servants, priests and members of the RUC. This play is a dramatic overview of some of that evidence. Production at the Tricycle Theatre in April 2005.
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