Official Irish Republicanism, 1962 to 1972

by Sean Swan
EUR39.99 ($44.79)
A history of the Official Irish Republican movement, from the IRA's 1962 ceasefire to the Official IRA's permanent ceasefire in 1972. The civil rights movement, the outbreak of violence in August 1969, the Official IRA's campaign, the ceasefire, and later developments towards 'Sinn Fein the Workers' Party', are explored. "the first in-depth study of this crucial period in the history of Irish republicanism. Using his unprecedented access to the internal documents of the movement and interviews with key participants Swan's work will transform our understanding of this transformative period in the history of the movement.", Henry Patterson, Author of 'The Politics of Illusion: A Political History of the IRA'. "There is much fascinating material . and also much good sense.", Richard English, Author of 'Armed Struggle, A History of the IRA'.".an outstanding job teasing out the detail of an incredibly complex process". Roy Johnston
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