Irish women in times of struggle, protest and peace.

51-hLWJSUpL.jpg Revolutionary Woman EUR 7.99

An Autobiography, 1878-1972
by Kathleen Clarke

41R4NH3TAGL.jpg Women in Ireland, 1800-1918 EUR 23.95

A Documentary History
by Maria Luddy

41DJ79RF1FL.jpg Rebel Countess EUR 19.99

The Life and Times of Constance Markievicz
by Anne Marreco

51RYQZAZWRL.jpg Wild Irish Women EUR 10.59

Extraordinary Lives from History
by Marian Broderick

51RXBKGTJHL.jpg Willie and Maud EUR 8.99

A Love Story
by Barry Shortall

51E1YHDXNPL.jpg Unmanageable Revolutionaries EUR 21.49

Women and Irish Nationalism
by Margaret Ward

51zaXIHNRVL.jpg History's Daughter EUR 14.55

A Memoir from the Only Child of Terence MacSwiney
by Brugha Maire MacSwiney

51GSS3L1LpL.jpg No Ordinary Women EUR 15.21

Irish Female Activists in the Revolutionary Years
by Sinead McCoole

41KNBAM8QGL.jpg A Servant of the Queen EUR 13.95

by Maud Gonne MacBride, et al.

514cZeP-JUL.jpg Against the Grain EUR 9.49

Contemporary Women's Movement in Northern Ireland
by Eileen Evason