Bloody Sunday

Accounts of the massacre of unarmed civilians by the British Army in Derry, 1972.

514H0TG0YYL.jpg A Matter of Minutes EUR 12.57

Legacy of Bloody Sunday
by Joanne O'Brien

513RFXDY0HL.jpg The Bloody Sunday Inquiry EUR 15.99

The Families Speak Out
by Eamonn McCann (Ed.)

51H2Y8WC1QL.jpg Bloody Sunday EUR 18.99

Trauma, Pain and Politics
by Patrick Joseph Hayes, Jim Campbell

512MDFKZZQL.jpg Bloody Sunday Massacre in Northern Ireland EUR 17.99

The Eyewitness Accounts
by Don Mullan, John Scally

41Z55VFW3NL.jpg The Bloody Sunday Inquiry EUR 30.00

The Families Speak Out
by Eamonn McCann (Ed.)

51SRYYSWA6L.jpg Bloody Sunday in Derry EUR 15.99

What Really Happened
by Eamonn McCann, Maureen Shiels

510C8BR68SL.jpg Eyewitness Bloody Sunday EUR 13.99

by Don Mullan

41QMW9Y7WVL.jpg Those Are Real Bullets, Aren't They? EUR 9.99

Bloody Sunday, Derry, 30 January 1972
by Peter Pringle, Philip Jacobson

51X7BzRAEwL.jpg Bloody Sunday EUR 11.59

Scenes from the Saville Inquiry
by Richard Norton-Taylor