War of Independence

The war that ended British rule and brought about freedom for the 26 Counties.

41CB9KQJE7L.jpg The Irish War of Independence EUR 14.99

by Michael Hopkinson

51kZE8k56WL.jpg Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution EUR 17.99

by C.Desmond Greaves

41mPIQX2ALL.jpg Enduring the Most EUR 17.99

Life and Death of Terence MacSwiney
by Francis J. Costello

5163FBVFH2L.jpg The Path to Freedom EUR 13.98

by Michael Collins, Tim Pat Coogan

51CS0448MSL.jpg Bloody Sunday EUR 10.32

How Michael Collins's Agents Assassinated Britain's Secret Service in Dublin on November 21, 1920
by James Gleeson, Dermot McEvoy (Intro.)

51JhSP3c32L.jpg Michael Collins's Intelligence War EUR 34.99

The Struggle Between the British and the IRA 1919-1921
by Michael T. Foy

21BBAEV1TTL.jpg Raids and Rallies EUR 12.50

by Ernie O'Malley

51DN0X9EXZL.jpg Ernie O'Malley EUR 29.50

IRA Intellectual
by Richard English

41ILHgr4TL.jpg The Squad EUR 11.49

And the Intelligence Operations of Michael Collins
by T.Ryle Dwyer

41KG55T86FL.jpg The Black and Tans EUR 15.49

by Richard Bennett

41RB1RAVX7L.jpg Irish Flames EUR 10.99

Peter Waller's True Story of the Arrival of the Black and Tans
by John Waller

416zzIp3pAL.jpg Principles of Freedom EUR 16.99

by Terence Joseph MacSwiney

The Burnings 1920 EUR 13.00

By Pearse Lawlor